Taxmarc™ VIES validation

Taxmarc™ can automatically check the VAT numbers when a VAT number is added to the customer master data. A real-time link to VIES is made to validate the entered VAT number.

The client can choose to treat the result of the VIES validation as:

  • An “error”: it is not possible to enter invalid VAT numbers in the customer master data or
  • A “warning”: invalid VAT numbers can be entered but are reported separately: signaling to check with the customer and/or correct. This is relevant as in practice the root cause could also be that the VIES database is temporarily not accessible (e.g. due to maintenance). It is therefore important to periodically check the validity of the VAT numbers.

VAT numbers can expire or change due to changes in the legal structure of customers. It is therefore, again, important to periodically check the validity of the VAT numbers.

With Taxmarc™ it is possible to periodically run the validation of VAT numbers report as detective control within the Tax Control Framework and as part of master data cleansing/maintenance. This can be done in a fully automated process with a scheduled batch job (for example last Sunday of the month) that validates all VAT numbers in customer master data.

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About Richard Cornelisse

I advise multinational businesses in improving the efficiency and effectiveness of their Indirect Tax Function and Tax Control Framework. I started my career as a manager at Arthur Andersen and then became a partner in EY where I led the indirect tax performance team for Netherlands and Belgium. Currently I am a senior managing director of Phenix Consulting. I have over 20 years’ experience advising clients on international VAT issues. I am specialized in the tax aspects of financial transformations, shared service centre migration, and post merger integration work. I am also somewhat of a mentor, giving back to the profession. If you are interested in conversation and discussion, please feel free to contact me.
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