Taxmarc™ Tax Engine: no interface or hardcoding


Taxmarc™ Tax Engine enables – without interface or external software – a fully automated VAT determination of all sales and purchase transactions in SAP. Taxmarc™ Tax Engine incorporates VAT relevant data of all transactions, including chain transactions between legal entities in order to ensure the correct VAT determination.

Taxmarc™ Tax Engine can be implemented in all recent versions of SAP (R/3 or ECC).

  • Fully automated VAT determination of outgoing invoices (AR) on the basis of 30 parameters instead of the 4-8 parameters in standard SAP;
  • Automated VAT determination of incoming invoices (AP) based on purchase orders and actual vendor invoices;
  • Fully automated VAT determination of chain transactions in SAP with the assurance that the VAT code on sales transactions always correspond to the VAT code on purchase transaction;
  • Integrated Tax Control Framework which ensures that transactions that fail to comply with fiscal requirements are automatically blocked. Blocked transactions can be released but are always logged for review;
  • Time-stamped tax code structure: no new tax codes are required when VAT/GST rates are changed;
  • Taxmarc™ prevents that time-consuming manual processes outside of the system are necessary;
  • Taxmarc is fully table-driven and there is no “hard-coding” of tax rules, which results in easy and low maintenance;
  • Integrated VAT number validation in SAP;
  • All relevant VAT data separately stored in database in SAP (immediate available without any run-time issues);
  • Continuous Controls Monitoring for all stakeholders (data analytics)
  • Real time access to the company’s blue print;
  • Determine impact of business change via simulation with real time data.

Download Taxmarc™ Digital Flyer

Compare VAT performance of Standard SAP with Taxmarc™ packages.004

Compare VAT performance of Standard SAP with Taxmarc™ packages.005

Compare VAT performance of Standard SAP with Taxmarc™ packages.006

Compare VAT performance of Standard SAP with Taxmarc™ packages.007

About Richard Cornelisse

I advise multinational businesses in improving the efficiency and effectiveness of their Indirect Tax Function and Tax Control Framework. I started my career as a manager at Arthur Andersen and then became a partner in EY where I led the indirect tax performance team for Netherlands and Belgium. Currently I am a senior managing director of Phenix Consulting. I have over 20 years’ experience advising clients on international VAT issues. I am specialized in the tax aspects of financial transformations, shared service centre migration, and post merger integration work. I am also somewhat of a mentor, giving back to the profession. If you are interested in conversation and discussion, please feel free to contact me.
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